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Mastering Mondays !

Free Mastering for independent & DIY musicians

Read on...

EDIT: This promotion isn't currently available but I will.  bring this back at some point very soon so keep your eyes peeled and follow my instagram - @raretonemastering - to find out when.

It's lockdown #3 and I want to help. I'd love to do something really noble and help the NHS, deliver food, or assist food banks but I'm clinically vulnerable following a kidney transplant so I'm pretty much confined to my house & studio.

I *CAN* offer my time and skills with audio so for the duration of this lockdown (and possibly longer) I will be working every Monday completely for free. I'm hoping I can help out some artists who might have recorded some stuff at home during this pandemic by mastering their music and getting it release ready. I've got a great studio with some amazing gear and will be on hand to master, offer mix advice and help people with uploading to streaming services and releasing music if they need it.

I can also help with editing Podcasts and doing audio repair for any interviews/voice recordings etc.

I haven't had time to work out the easiest and fairest way to do this, I'm just jumping in at the deep end but I've got a couple of requests/ideas to make things fair for everyone and ensure I can do the maximum and best work for you all...


  • 1 track per artist

  • Charity/Foodbank/Fund-Raising/Community based work welcome (albums/compilations are fine)

  • Please make sure it's your FINAL mix!

  • Please only use this offer if you will definitely release what you send. The aim is to help working musicians recoup some cash that's been lost due to lack of touring.

Let me know if you think of anything or have any questions and if you have something you'd like mastering...

Fill in the form with a link to your downloadable file and I'll send it back mastered as soon as I can. I'll optimise all files for streaming/CD production but if you need higher res or vinyl ready files instead just let me know in your message. I strongly recommend using Wetransfer for sending your files. It's free, there's no signup and it's really easy. HERE'S the link. You can either use WeTransfer to 'Transfer' to or "Get a link' and paste the link in the contact form below. Choose either one by clicking the button with 3 little dots next to the 'Transfer' button.

Feel free to include a reference track if you have a specific sound you're going for. You can include a link to this or if it's widely available on streaming sites just tell me the artist/title and I'll find it.


Can't wait to hear your music!



If you'd like to help me out there's a couple of things you can do that are completely free and will only take you 2 minutes. Please share, like and follow my social media (it really helps) and leave me a Google review which is insanely helpful in helping me to grow my small business and pay my bills.


Link to leave me a Google review here   Thank you SO much if you do this!

Send your link!

Thanks for submitting! 
I'll send back your mastered file as soon as I can!

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