Revision Process

Here's some info and quick checklist to look at when we navigate the revision process together.

Most of the time it's small tweaks and easy fixes but the information below will help us get these done super fast and get your project back to you exactly the way you want it much quicker than us emailing back and forth.


  • Have you listened to your project on multiple speakers? Certain systems, car stereos or earbuds/headphones have uneven bass and treble which can give you a false sense of how your audio sounds and how it will translate to the wider world. Sometimes buzzing, clicks & pops can be caused by your DAW, converters, amp, speakers or other physical equipment. If you check your audio on more than one system we can narrow down any anomalies in your files much quicker.

  • Have you checked the master against the original file? If there's any clicks/pops etc. on your original they may still be on your master. Please check that any mistakes aren't things that originated from the original file.