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Mastering Services Explained:


The mastering process is different for every single client and project that I receive. The studio tools I have are exceptional quality and allow a huge amount of choice and flexibility when it comes to sculpting and finishing your sound. This is balanced with a passion for music and striving to get the right feel for a project. Being a musician myself I try to blend the technical studio practice with the creative side of the process. I have stacks of books with graphs and mathematical equations and industry leading audio analysis tools but sometimes the best way is to listen, feel and connect with the music.

A typical workflow would be to carefully audition your tracks through my reference standard monitors and mastering grade converters before applying any digital fixes (eq, de-ess, remove clicks/pops). Next I would send the signal through my analogue chain of compressors and equalizers, this can add some srious analogue warmth, stereo width, harmonic saturation or what we mastering engineers like to call 'vibe'. Returning back into the digital domain, the audio then gets any final limiting before being added to Wavelab for exporting and writing of IRSC codes and metadata. I would finally export your files for whichever purpose you choose, CD duplication, vinyl pressing or uploading to streaming services. 


Stem mastering is the processing of individual parts of your mix to help you get the exact sound you want. This could be to add the vibe or colour of an analogue chain or to maintain careful levels and tame peaks. After processing I send the stems back to you so you can mix your tracks how you like them. Compress your drum bus, add some valve EQ to your guitars, De-ess your vocals, widen your synths or saturate your bass. Anything you can think of, I can do.


Using industry standard Izotope RX8 Advanced I can fix nearly any element of your audio that may be compromising your project. De-click, De-hum, De-crackle, De-reverb, De-ess, De-plosive (pops from singing P's or B's into the mic), Breath control, Voice de-noise, De-wind. De-rustle & more.

If you have a great take that has a click, hiss, pop, hum or other unwanted noise I can clean it for you. I can also de-hiss your old vinyl that you've ripped to your computer.


If you have a podcast or voiceover recorded and need it editing to a professional standard please get in touch. We can clean up audio, cut sections, rearrange, censor words, remove breaths, add background music, fade in, fade out, add metadata & export your files to the correct formats for your chosen streaming platform.

* prices are standard for most projects however very long songs or bespoke services may alter the price. Everything will be discussed before any work is started. If you have a limited budget feel free to let me know. I'm happy to offer discounts to any community/charity projects and DIY/independent musicians who have been affected by Covid.