I feel very lucky to have discovered my passion in life very early on. I received my first guitar on my 12th birthday and have been obsessed with making, recording and engineering music ever since.

I started my audio journey when I bought a cheap second hand Fostex 4 track cassette recorder from the classified ads in the newspaper (Yes, pre-internet believe it or not!) and plugged in my guitar to layer up terrible guitar solos in my bedroom. When I was 16 I attended college and finished a 2 year BTEC (A-level equivalent) in Music Technology. I got my first taste of Pro Tools, a Soundcraft Ghost 32-8-2 mixing desk and DAT tapes and I was hooked. I continued my education with a 3 year Bachelor of Arts in Studio Recording in Leeds and many years later with a Masters in Ethnomusicology. 

After university I worked as a live sound engineer whilst pursuing a career as a solo acoustic artist and went on to release several EPs & albums to critical acclaim, playing lots of gigs, festivals and being invited to perform on BBC radio many times.

In 2012 I started an independent record label in Leeds and recorded, mixed, mastered and released music from some of Yorkshire's most talented artists. Despite many years of academic training and hands on experience in audio I still had a touch of imposter syndrome so I enrolled in several short mastering courses around the UK. These were single day or weekend courses mostly and they gave me the confidence I needed to send off masters to radio & press.


I currently operate from a 2 room studio in a converted mill in the heart of Leeds. A space dedicated to mastering audio and improving music. A room full of amazing analogue compressors, equalizers and my cherished ATC & Tyler Acoustics monitors. This equipment helps me to sculpt sound, add vibe, improve dynamics and nurture your artistic vision.

I'm fortunate to have mastered music for many artists, major and independent record labels and re-mastered live BBC sessions. I have been consulted for sound on BBC television programmes, appeared on podcasts to talk about my studio and worked with people all over the world.

I'm passionate about music and my love of performing, creating and experiencing sound is ingrained in every project I take on. Translating your music to the wider world are technical and creative challenges I relish. If you'd like to chat about working together and adding a bespoke finishing touch to your musical project please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.