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ATC SCM25A Pro - 3 way monitors

Tyler D1X speakers

Heritage Audio Ram Monitor controller

Audeze LCD-X Headphones

Sennheiser HD600 Headphones

Analogue Routing & AD/DA

Lynx Hilo - AD/DA conversion

Dangerous Liaison - Mastering console for analogue routing

Analogue Compression

UTA UnderToneAudio - UnFairchild 670 MII - Legendary valve compressor

Dangerous Music Compressor - Super transparent stereo VCA Compressor

Analogue EQ

Chandler Curve Bender TG12345 - Valve EQ from Abbey Road/EMI heritage

Great River MAQ-2NV - Precision 4 band + shelf Mastering EQ

TK Audio TK-lizer - Stereo EQ with mid/side capabilitiy

Analogue Limiting

Bettermaker Darth Limiter - Ltd edition analogue limiter with digital control

(only 200 made worldwide)

Analogue Saturation

Anamod ATS-1 - Analogue tape saturation unit

Kerwax Replica - Tube saturation & tube EQ unit


DAWs - Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One

Izotope RX 8 Advanced

Wavelab Pro

Melodyne Studio

Hofa CD/DDP Master

Hofa DDP Player Maker

Plug ins - Fabfilter, DMG, Gulfoss, Oeksound, Nugen Audio, Izotope,

                Youlean, Waves & many more

A full analogue mastering studio with analogue outboard equipment. Chandler Curve Bender, UTA UnFairchild, Dangerous Compressor, ATC monitors and acoustic treatment
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