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Analogue Mastering Studio UK

It's important to note that good gear doesn't automatically make an engineer or a studio any good, it's the ears not the gear! Personally though, I like fixing things, tweaking dials, flipping switches & working with my hands so it's how I'm most comfortable working with sound. Digital processing is amazing and I use lots of modern plugins alongside my analogue gear for transparent processing but the bulk of tone & dynamic control is done with my outboard.

For my fellow analogue nerds below is my gear list -

Mastering Gear

Tyler D1X Speakers
Audeze LCD_X Headphones

Emotiva Amplification
Coleman MP3H MKIII Monitor Control

Analogue Outboard
Undertone Audio UnFairchild M70 II
Dangerous Compressor
Chandler Curve Bender EQ
Great River MAQ-2NV EQ
TK Audio TK-Lizer 2 EQ
Maag EQ4M EQ
Bettermaker Darthlimiter
Dangerous Liaison Mastering Router

Lynx Hilo
Grace M900 Headphone Amp

Record Cutting Gear

Cutting Lathes
Presto 8DG
Presto 28N Dual lathe

Cutting Heads
TKV Instruments Stereo Cutting Head
Grampian Moye  Mono Cutting Head
Presto 1-D Cutting head x 3

Presto 90-B amplifier x 2
Various Vacuum systems
Diamond tip cutting styli
Lathe Cut & Lacquer cutting material

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