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Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to discuss a bespoke approach to your project.
Have a quick read through the FAQ and if you have any further questions I'm happy to help. There are no stupid questions and it's always best to check if you're unsure about anything. If you'd like a quick chat over the phone please send me your number and I'll call you back ASAP. 

Thanks for getting in touch!

If you're ready to send your files please read the bullet points below and include any information that you think may help, if you're unsure about anything just say. I'm here to help!
  • Name & number all your files such as '01. Track Name'. Please double check spellings as I will use the names exactly as you send them for all names, metadata and info.
  • Place all your named & numbered files in a folder, name it 'ARTIST NAME - ALBUM/EP NAME' then zip the folder.
  • Upload via the 'Upload' page. It's really easy, you can just drag and drop the file onto the page, include your email and include a message about the project if we haven't already communicated.
  • Please tell me which files you would like. DDP file for a CD, wav files for online distributors or higher res audio files for multiple online sources etc.
  • If you have any reference tracks please let me know!
  • Do you have a particular sound/vibe in mind? Please tell me!
  • Are you a DJ playing these tracks live? We can talk about mastering them louder than a conventional track destined for CD or online listening.
  • Are there any problems with your final mix that you're aware of?
  • Do you have a tight deadline for this project?
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