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Mono Lathe Cut Records

All records come with printed centre label 
& plain card sleeve

Cut at 45 rpm

Prices (per record)

7" records

Single side

Double side

10" records

12" records







How many minutes you can fit on each size record:

 7 " records  -  5 minutes per side

10" records -   11 minutes per side

12" records -   15 minutes per side

*Longer 12" cuts available by cutting at 33rpm

Record colours available:

Classic black vinyl


*Transparent Blue

*Transparent Green

*Transparent Red

*Solid White

*Solid Turquoise

Other colours/textures available on special request

* Available at an extra cost

No Vinyl Master or Mono Master?

No problem!

We can master for vinyl for you or create a mono vinyl master from your stereo vinyl master.

We extract the side information, convert to mono and then add it back in to the original track to ensure you don't lose any of the music that has been panned Left & Right in your mix.

Just ask for more details!

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